From the timeless tranquillity of the desert to the lively bustle of the souk, to the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf, the Emirate of Dubai offers a kaleidoscope of activities for visitors and residents. Lying on the blue waters of the southern Gulf and backing onto the majestic desert, Dubai offers visitors year-round sunshine and five-star luxury... plus the adventure of a unique Arabian experience. Dubai – one of the seven emirates which constitute the United Arab Emirates – is a place of fascinating contrasts, a distinctive blend of a modern city and timeless desert, east and west, old and new.

A century ago, it was a tranquil town whose coral-and-gypsum huts housed Bedouin traders and pearl divers. Today, commerce is truly international and science-fiction skyscrapers stand alongside the mosques and wind towers of old Dubai. Dubai has many jewels in its crown, not least the unparalleled architectural innovations that confirm Dubai as a world leader; from the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Islands developments and The World – a series of man-made islands in the shape of the continents – to what will perhaps become Dubai’s most symbolic structure, the Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building.

Dubai is a dynamic international business centre as well as a laid-back tourist escape; it is a city where the sophistication of the 21st century walks hand in hand with the simplicity of a bygone era, where a diversity of activities have given it its unique flavour and personality: a cosmopolitan society with a culture deeply rooted in the traditions of Arabia.
Grand Prix of Dubai Race Map
Thursday 23 November
08:30 09:00 Riders Briefing
09:30 12:30 FreePractice (20mins)
09:30 09:50 Ski Division GP1
09:55 10:15 Ski Ladies GP1
10:20 10:40 Runabout GP1
10:45 11:05 Freestyle
11:10 11:30 Ski Division GP1
11:35 11:55 Ski Ladies GP1
12:00 12:20 Runabout GP1
14:30 17:00 Pole Position
14:30 15:00 Ski Division GP1
15:05 15:35 Ski Ladies GP1
15:40 16:10 Runabout GP1
16:15 16:45 Freestyle
Friday 24 November
09:00 09:30 Riders Briefing
10:00 12:00 Moto 1
10:00 10:30 Ski Division GP1
10:30 11:00 Ski Ladies GP1
11:00 11:30 Runabout GP1
11:30 12:00 Freestyle
15:00 16:30 Moto 2
15:00 15:30 Ski Division GP1
15:30 16:00 Ski Ladies GP1
16:00 16:30 Runabout GP1
19:30 20:00 Freestyle
Saturday 25 November
09:00 09:30 Riders Briefing
10:00 12:00 Free Practice (20 mins)
10:00 10:20 Ski Division GP1
10:35 11:05 Ski Ladies GP1
11:15 11:35 Runabout GP1
11:40 12:00 Freestyle
15:00 17:00 Moto 3
15:00 15:30 Ski Division GP1
15:30 16:00 Ski Ladies GP1
16:00 16:30 Runabout GP1
16:30 17:00 Freestyle
17:30 18:00 Prize Giving Ceremony
18:00 19:00 Press Conference
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